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Located Just Minutes Away The Mayan Ruins

Discover the wonders of the jungle and an adventure surrounded by the natural beauty of Palenque , Chiapas. Chan- Kah Resort Village and is completely quiet immersed in the Chiapas jungle to enjoy alone, on a romantic trip or family vacation perfect retreat.
Cool off and have a good time on a stunning pool that resembles a Mayan cenote, taste delicious dishes and drinks at the bar of our hotel in Palenque, relax with a full-service spa and known archaeological sites and spectacular waterfalls Chiapas booking tours and excursions.
Chan-kah’s landscape contains beautiful gardens rich in colorful vegetation across 42 hectares deep in its rainforest.
We invite you to book a stay at Chan-Kah Resort Village today for an incredible sensory experience.


Yum-Ytzá: Across the property passes the river Michol and halfway The Lovers or Yum-Ytzá in an almost eternal embrace, place for lovers.
Walks: Chan-Kah is amazing, surrounded by lush vegetation, in every hallway and every turn you will find a surprise.
 Zumpul-Ché: The Goddess Toci was linked to the temazcalli that represents the womb of a mother, our dedicated staff will help you experience the Temazcal or zumpul-ch & eacute.

Local Places

Palenque, Chiapas and surroundings.
Palenque is an outstanding site full of beauty and magical mystery located on the northern part of the southeastern state of Chiapas in Mexico. This town is part of what once was the central city-state of the Mayan world, which had a high cultural development for its time and became known as one of the most important ancient cities for this legendary civilization. It is a place of particular architectural and aesthetic importance, which makes this exceptional city nestled in the jungle, is one of the greatest creations of ancient men.
The city, which holds an invaluable amount of archaeological sites, such as the Temple of the Inscriptions and the Palace; the latter, imposing their ancestral mural highlights with facts before any contact with the Western world, the Mesoamerican natives created an immortal legacy.
Wildlife Natural Beauties.
Open to everyone, the lush jungle and water resources places are other places that tourists cannot stop visiting; there are very interesting variety of activities to do, from hiking into the nature to real adventures such as walk around the waterfalls of Agua Azul National Park, or the Usumacinta River border, definitely memorable experiences.
Due to the impressive rise in the surroundings also tourists can find activities of cultural interest in the museums or the local zoo, which protects exotic species like the legendary jaguar, god of the Mayas. There is a good capacity of accommodation in town, either in the most prestigious hotels or small but very comfortable rustic cabins; hotels have the services of restaurant and bar in each of them, some offering spa or guide for extreme sports, so visitors will have a wide range of options for a simply unforgettable.

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